[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

Mark Beckwith n5ot at n5ot.com
Thu Dec 15 22:55:49 EST 2005


> I think it might be time to just do away
> with the packet assisted category
> and let everyone do whatever they want.


> the only possible solution is to
> just allow packet use for everyone.

Sorry guys, I'm not interested in entering a race against others using 
crutches only to find out that one or two of them who don't need crutches 
can go faster than me if they borrow some crutches.

I have no problem with the guys on crutches racing against other guys on 
crutches, except for the fact that some of them could learn to run with the 
people who don't need crutches if they would just put theirs down.

MAL says there is no possible alternative but I disagree, I think Steve is 
on to something: it doesn't appear to be too difficult to bust the cheaters 
with certainty and confidence.  Bust 'em.

Call me old fashioned.

Mark, N5OT

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