[CQ-Contest] RES: WRTC 2006 - Where are all the people?

PY5EG py5eg at iesa.com.br
Sat Dec 17 19:29:32 EST 2005

Hi Yuri:
Thanks for your comments
I have a great respect for your opinion but I would ask your permission to
disagree in some aspects.
The selection criteria based upon results is one of the major request from
our contest population.
We are sorry not to be able to please everyone.
Regarding the Sweepstakes I think you are wrong.
There is no possibility to achieve a high number of points not making the
top ten .
Another aspect you disagree is that the M/S should have a higher score. The
vast majority of the competitors requested us to provide a even higher
reduction for this category points.
Just for future use what in your opinion the best way to organize the
selection process.
Best regards


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unfortunately the current selection criteria for WRTC2006 (one team per
country) does not encourage people to apply. I spoke to a couple of top VE
contesters who indicated their interest in WRTC in the past and they
reasonably noticed that there is no point to prepare and submit an
application if someone already has more points than that. Really, why waste
the time?
I know there was enough criticism of the selection criteria on the WRTC2006
reflector already and this is too late to change anything, but still I think
it is not a very good idea to replace a selection of really strong
contesters from around the world with just " the more the better" countries
Not even talking about the points calculation system itself, where the
leader of the "area" in the NA Sprint or Sweepstakes (sometimes not even
making the top ten) gets more points than a world M/S or SOABLP winner in
the ARRL DX...

Yuri  VE3DZ

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Subject: [CQ-Contest] WRTC 2006 - Where are all the people?

> Is the contest community sleeping?
> Where are all the WRTC 2006 applicants?
> Only 69 submitted so far!
> # / Region
> ----------
> 11 EU-1
> 10 EU-2
> 9  EU-3
> 11 US-E
> 6  US-C
> 5  US-W
> 3  NAC
> 1  CA
> 7  SA
> 2  AF
> 3  AS
> 1  AS-JA
> NONE from AS-BY or OC (uh?)
> Only two weeks left to get your application submitted!
> Stop the madness! Get those applications in!
> Eric

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