[CQ-Contest] WRTC Selection Criteria - Was WRTC 2006 - Where areall the people?

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Sun Dec 18 08:56:29 EST 2005

> Not that I think it should be worth more points than an ARRL or
> something... but endurance has nothing to do with being a good op.

that depends on your definition of 'good op'.  there are 'good ops' who do
nothing but pass traffic and couldn't sit in a chair for more than an hour
at a time.  there are 'good ops' who run very high speed but couldn't care
at all about contest operating.  There are 'good ops' who only do slow speed
cw, but do it very well.  There are 'good ops' who can sit in a chair for
most of a 48 hour contest but could care less about a 'team' competition.
And there are 'good ops' who can't sit in a chair for more than a couple
hours and like to do one contest a year with a bunch of friends just for fun
who could never qualify with a wrtc type of qualification system.  

It should be up to the organizers to define what they mean by 'good op' and
set a uniform criteria for determining it.  if they have missed some factor
then you should take it up with the next organization when they start to
write their rules instead of criticizing a group who has already gone way
past that point.

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