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Sun Dec 18 23:01:53 EST 2005

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Maybe an interesting way to select WRTC competitors...  would be to
somehow survey contesters...  maybe with a kind of "backwards SPDC"
scheme, where the votes of contesters who live closer to you (and thus
are more likely to know your abilities) count for more
Interesting thought, but woudln't that tend to be more of a support your 
local "homeboy".  When we had to pick em in 2002, the way I looked at it was, who 
would I least want to go up against in a one on one contest with a $500 bet 
riding on the results.

I don't have to live near K7SS or N2NL or N6MJ to know they can kick butt big 
time in contests.

The current grid that is used is flawed, in several major ways, but it is a 
"black and white" way to pick em.  As a result, no popularity contests or 
"homeboy" picks. 

Bill K4XS

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