[CQ-Contest] WRTC Selection Criteria - Was WRTC 2006 - Where are all the ...

Doug Smith W9WI w9wi at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 19 09:00:29 EST 2005

On Sun, 2005-12-18 at 22:01, Cqtestk4xs at aol.com wrote:
> w9wi at earthlink.net writes:
> Maybe an interesting way to select WRTC competitors...  would be to
> somehow survey contesters...  maybe with a kind of "backwards SPDC"
> scheme, where the votes of contesters who live closer to you (and thus
> are more likely to know your abilities) count for more
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Interesting thought, but woudln't that tend to be more of a support your 
> local "homeboy".  When we had to pick em in 2002, the way I looked at it was, who 
> would I least want to go up against in a one on one contest with a $500 bet 
> riding on the results.

Well, what I'd envision would involve contesters worldwide having a vote
on *every* eligible applicant -- so while your locals might be voting
for you, you'd also have to pass muster in W1, and W6, and 9A, etc...  

Distance weighting - just tossed that out quickly, might not really be a
good idea at all - if it were done the pretty heavy weighting used in
SPDC would definitely be too much.  Maybe more like inverse-CQWW
weighting instead?  (hating to risk opening up that debate again<grin>!)
Doug Smith W9WI
Pleasant View (Nashville), TN  EM66

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