[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

Barry w2up at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 19 16:36:02 EST 2005

Bob Naumann - W5OV wrote:

>(By the way, the runner-up for "Silliest Comment on CQ-Contest for 2005" was
>the related pointing out that packet is not packet if it's via the Internet.
>Watch for a special report from John Stossel on ABC's 20/20 as a "Give me a
>break" story in 2006.)
Bob, are referring to my earlier comments?:

"First, an issue of semantics.  I don't use packet.  I use telnet. Not 
many use packet any more... "

Just to make it clear, I did NOT mean this to be way around the rules regarding "packet."  I was just pointing out the term "packet" is used incorrectly.  It is a mode, just like CW, SSB, Baudot, and PSK.  Packet should not be synonymous with DX spotting.

I don't think that's silly, do you?


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