[CQ-Contest] Dupes

Mark Beckwith n5ot at n5ot.com
Mon Dec 19 19:50:06 EST 2005

> When I got to VE6***, he sent "QSO B4" and
> started CQ'ing again.  He was my 4th contact
> in the contest and first VE station.

This happens to me all the time because people think Larry, K5OT, and I are 
interchangeable for some reason, eh, Larry?

I have never had a person whose "QSO B4" I replied to with "NIL" blow me 
off.  Just send "NIL."  QRS if you have to.  If they're smart, they'll 
figure out if THEY'RE not in YOUR log they're in for a bust.

Great system, really.

Mark, N5OT 

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