[CQ-Contest] Dupes - work 'em anyway!

John W2iD w2id at optonline.net
Mon Dec 19 20:40:15 EST 2005

Indeed, and I have a similar story. In the ARRL 160M contest, I came a cross
an extremely loud station that I had not worked yet, and I wanted to work
him. Here is an abbreviated version of our painful exchange:

W1xxx: CQ TEST W1xxx
W1xxx: W2IB QSO B4 CQ TEST W1xxx
W1xxx: CQ TEST W1xxx
W2ID:  W2ID W2ID at 18 wpm
W1xxx: CQ TEST W1xxx
W2ID:  W2ID W2ID at 13 wpm
W1xxx: W2IB QSO B4 CQ TEST W1xxx
W2ID:  W2ID W2ID with the "ID" at 10 wpm
<repeat 10 more times or so>

No lie, this went on for at least 5 minutes. I tried sending the "D" at
5WPM. No joy!  Meanwhile, I'm sure I was VERY loud at his end, and so I was
QRM'ing all of the other guys that were also calling him. He even seemed to
be having a hard time copying them through me. Why he didn't want to work
me, even if he thought I was a dupe, I will never understand!

I came across him again later in the contest, and called him at about 13
WPM, and he answered with my correct call right away and worked me.  Go

I'll bet this never happens to K1TTT!  But I wonder how often it happens to
K2UA, K3UA, N3UA, K5ZD, KZ5D, and countless others...

The funniest thing is that W2IB (now W4AA) was a contesting mentor of mine,
and I specifically chose this "new ID" largely because of its similarity to


John  W2ED, oops, I mean W2IB, oops I mean W2ID  (W2 Isn't Dupe, on phone)

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OK, here is another reason to work dupes.  I was playing around on 160 
Friday night and thought I'd make a few contacts in the RAC.  I started at 
the bottom of the band and worked my way up.  When I got to VE6***, he sent 
"QSO B4" and started CQ'ing again.  He was my 4th contact in the contest and

first VE station.

73 and Merry Christmas
Tom W7WHY 

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