[CQ-Contest] "Trigger happy" 12V PSUs

Clive Whelan clive.whelan at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 20 06:47:13 EST 2005

Hi list

Slightly off topic. please excuse me.

For several years I have used a Nissei PS1225 switch mode PSU to power
TS870s and various other gear, with no trouble.

However, recently a shack re-jig meant that this unit now powers an ICOM
7400 (=746PRO in the U.S.). This trips the Nissei, even when the ICOM is
switched off about 75% of the time. The consensus seems to be that there is
probably a high value electrolytic directly across the ICOM 12V terminals,
which is looking like a short cct for a brief instant, and causes the Nissei
to fold back. Clearly this combination is incompatible, and I will need to
throw some money at the problem, but I need to avoid falling  into the same
trap again. Therefore, I wonder if any of you have reccos. for a reliable
12v unit ( switch mode or linear) for the 7400/746PRO?




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