[CQ-Contest] Why 160m in SS?

Dale L Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Tue Dec 20 11:41:14 EST 2005

I said, I'll operate
>the four middle bands, why don't you do a 10M/160M single op effort? 
> (Normally, one of the five radio positions is 10M/160M)  As the 
>contest wore on, Mark, in his part time effort, made 200 Qs on 10M 
>and 160M, with many stations telling him he was the only signal on 
>either band.  At times, I could see that he was having a run on 160M. 
> I have to think that his effort sparked a lot of 160M activity in SS 
>this year.
>>Why even bother to carry this band as a usable band in SS?  
> It's available for you to use.  Whether you use it or not, is a 
>strategic decision that you have to make in SS.

Hi, Ed.

That's pretty cool.

I noticed there were a lot more QSO's made duirng SS SSB; nothing in 
the three-digit range, but at least something and most of it east of 
the Mississippi.

I just knee-jerked my query onto the reflector after seeing only 1 
160m Q being reported on the 3830 summary for SS CW.  :-)  It just 
looked so very lonely in the column of 0's.

dale, kg5u

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