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Tonno Vahk tonno.vahk at mail.ee
Tue Dec 20 14:22:17 EST 2005

interesting findings Steve!

You can look at the 2004 UBN file lists and from SSB part OE4A, S57M and 
HA8FW are in the list, maybe W5PR did not send log?

In CW part 3V8BB, T99W and SN2N are in the list. What happened to 3V8BB?? He 
claimed a safe world victory with 17m points vs D4B's 14m. He did send in 
the log as it shows. But Al was declared champion.

I heard that 19 stations including OE4A were reclassified to Assisted. Don't 
know the other ones or if this number is correct. I am very amazed to read 
OE4A's posting after being reclassified in October:

He says that many non-assisted stations use cluster and many SO stations use 
2 operators as if that gives exuse to cheat!! Unbelievable. I am proud of my 
friends - top notch SOAB guys in EU like OH2UA, OH1NOA, GW4BLE, G4PIQ, S50A 
and many others who all play the game 100% right and honestly and with whom 
it is pleasure to compete with and we will not tolerate this attitude. We 
surely feel that cheaters should not be reclassified but disqualified.

I find it hard to believe that somebody might do SO with 2 ops. Why bother? 
What is the value of such victory? As far as HA8FW is among those who seem 
to be left out from the final results in 2004 I can add here my recent 
posting to another reflector where his case (HA8DU in SOHP 40 CQWW CW 2005 
claimed 40 zones working non existant VE8UO for zone 2) was discussed and 

It is obviously yes a joke by somebody to give him a call with pirate 
callsign VE8UO after this spot in Cluster (QSO was in the same minute as 

HA8FW  7013.0  HA8DU     PSE ZONE 2 ZONE 2     2026 27 Nov 2005

But how does HA8FW know what zone he needs? And also where his antenna his 
pointed? Another spot:

HA8FW  7022.6  HA8DU       beaming North Pole         1152 27 Nov 2005

So is HA8FW the same person? Or just friend who happens to assist his 
"non-assisted" operation and who is sitting in the same room?
About the connection of two calls:

You see that HA8DU is posting with HA8FW email address.
Anyway - if HA8FW was in the same room playing with cluster then were 
cluster spots also available for HA8DU? I think so!
Is it possible to work 2600 QSOs and 153 DXCC without cluster being in HA? 
No! Only maybe if you have SO2R on one band and I don't think he had this.
Not one 40m asstisted station has even close to so many DXCC. RU1A has also 
153 and they are as assisted as one can be.

We have to bring this kind of cheaters down!


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> N7MAL wrote:
>> Oh they say they
>> aggressively pursue cheating but talk is cheap, actions speak louder
>> than words.
> Let's test that assertion.
> For the 2004 CQWW Phone and CQWW CW contests I compared the
> high-claimed, unassisted scores, as reported to the 3830 reflector, with
> the final results, published in the August and September 2005 CQ
> magazines. I was specifically looking for changes in the category, or
> results that were reported on 3830, but missing in CQ magazine. I looked
> only at the top-10 USA, World and Europe scores in the all-band and
> single-band categories.
> Here's what I found:
> CQWW Phone 2004
> Call    3830 Claimed Category       CQ Magazine Category
> W5PR        SOSB/10/HP              Not listed in final results
> OE4A        SOAB/HP                 SOAB/HP/Assisted
> S57M        SOSB/160/HP             Not listed in final results
> HA8FW       SOSB/160/LP             Not listed in final results
> CQWW CW 2004
> N6RV        SOSB/10/LP              Not listed in final results
> W7WW(K7QQ)  SOSB/15/HP              Not listed in final results
> W0AH        SOSB/20/LP              Not listed in final results
> N7DD        SOSB/40/HP              Not listed in final results
> 3V8BB(YT1AD) SOAB/HP                Not listed in final results
> KP3Z(NP4Z)  SOAB/LP                 Not listed in final results
> T99W        SOSB/40/HP              Not listed in final results
> SN2N(SP2ASJ) SOSB/80/LP             Not listed in final results
> Maybe it's possible that the logs were never sent in, although I can't
> understand whey someone would go through the trouble of posting a top-10
> score on 3830, but not e-mailing the Cabrillo file to CQWW. It's also
> possible that CQ magazine accidently left out some scores - although
> that seems unlikely for a top-10 score.
> 73,
> Steve, N2IC
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