[CQ-Contest] WRTC Selection Criteria

PY2NY - Vitor py2ny at arrl.net
Tue Dec 20 20:15:51 EST 2005

How can I express correctly my idea using
other language? Well, let´s try...
I was not looking to do my application for WRTC.
Other friends ask me about all the time and my big
surprise after doing that was (till now): Be the first
score at South America. Well, I don´t have  all
the toys and right combination - I am not fast, I have
less automation on my station, TVI at neighboor,
and usually working single band 20m, or IARU
Mixed, and looking more for WAEDC...
I was lucky. I lost WRTC Finland due of my job,
but I could be there like visitor, was fantastic to
share company with all of you at Slovenia.
I don´t know a lot about rules criteria and I can
remember that I send notes to the organization
about my concerns, even knowing that time I
have no chance. Really, WRTC wasn´t at my
head until my friends push me to application.
And be sure that, even if I lost my chance for
other better SA guys, I will be there to help,
and to sit down with you, visitor, competitor,
or referee, because all of you  made a big effort
to me, in contest, at the radio, or out - like now, that
lot of K6/W6 friends are waiting me to share a table,
a cab, a beer, and everything else. What more can I
need? I am lucky because my WRTC is beggining
before July, and best of all, inside California
wineries hi hi hi. Not the same wine here, but we can
try caipirinha and cachaca.
Well, seems to be so emotional, and not rational, ok?
Excuse about that... Again, be welcome here. Belem,
Florianopolis, Manaus, or even my small town, we
are waiting for you.
All the best and let me recognize that I am not the
"good operator" to be at the top ten next WRTC.
Maybe, the second operator can do a miracle...
All that we need is try... And after all, wait for
improved rules at next WRTC, because this
improvement cames from this kind of positive
discussion... This the way - thank you.
- Vitor - py2ny -
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Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] WRTC Selection Criteria

> I think Jeff is absolutely right that the WRTC should be open to anyone 
> who
> wants to participate.  Something like a marathon, to use a sports 
> analogy.*
> There have to be a lot of great ops out there who simply do not have the
> time or the access to competitive stations to operate enough contests to
> earn a place in the WRTC under the current rules.  If anyone were allowed 
> to
> compete it would at a single stroke wipe out the inequalities in the 
> current
> system.
> However, the logistics of doing this would be a huge, huge challenge and
> there would still be good and bad locations, local QRM, and many other
> problems to overcome.  But it sure would be cool if there were a way to do
> it.
> Jeff remarked "the bottom line is that contesting is not fair."  Maybe 
> Jeff
> is too pessimistic.  I think the pursuit of the level playing field is a
> worthwhile endeavor and that we should keep trying.  Right now, I'd say 
> the
> closest we have come is the mobile category in a state QSO party where 
> most
> stations are using very similar stations and the winners are the stations
> who get the most out of those stations.  Interesting that Jeff is himself 
> an
> accomplished practitioner of this growing segment of contesting.
> 73,
> Hal W1NN
> *Yes, I know that some marathons have to limit the number of participants;
> no analogy is perfect.
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>>  Why even have a selection criteria ??  Let everyone who wants to operate
>> the WRTC operate...
>>   Why should the sponsor provide a station/tower/antennas. Let each entry
>> bring their own
>>  and setup DXpedition style -  a rig, amp and wire only antennas. The
>> sponsor could help in finding
>>  station locations where you could setup something.  I'm sure there would
>> be plenty of possiblities
>>  within 100km of a popular tourist destination, where  most of the WRTC's
>> have been held.
>>     I agree there are many operators that are as good our better then the
>> "well known" operators that
>>  operate at multi-op stations. Give these guys a chance. The selection
>> criteria of the last two WRTC's
>>  has eliminated the odds of some "underdog" coming along and winning...
>>  The bottom line is contesting is not fair.  Those who have all the toys
>> and the right combination
>>  of operating skills and propagation always win.
>> Happy Hoildays... Jeff KU8E
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