[CQ-Contest] Serial numbers

Tree tree at kkn.net
Wed Dec 21 17:36:08 EST 2005

>         Mutli-transmitter stations often start with different serial  
> numbers. Typically the first station takes 001 to 999, and the second  
> one takes 1000-1999, etc.
>         With the advent of network savvy logging software this doesn't have  
> to be the case any more, but then you have to have a local network  
> set up between your different stations.

If only that were true.  

What if you start a QSO and hand out a number, but then you don't complete
the QSO - and in the meantime another station makes a QSO with the next
number.  Okay - what if 3 stations all do the same thing at the same time...

You quickly make you head spin trying to deal with this...  and what happens
if the network goes down for a minute or two because someone tripped on
the network cable?

The ONLY QSO numbering system that makes any sense at all in a multi
environment is to use QSO numbers that start from 001 on each band.  

All contests that use serial numbers allow for this.  Anything else is just
making trouble for yourself and the log checkers.

73 Tree N6TR
tree at kkn.net

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