[CQ-Contest] Recognician vs. Normalization [was: WRTC Selection Criteria]

Radiosporting Fan radiosporting at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 22 06:14:35 EST 2005

> How do we recognize the competitive
> abilities of people off the beaten path?

Great question for an off-topic reply. :)

I think we do that by realizing that "recognician" and
"normalization" are two different things.  We probably
use these concepts interchangably, too often.

In example, QRP operation is "recognized" by finding
some way to make the result of contesting efforts
(score) equal(ized) to HP stations using something
called a QRP multiplier.  Wouldn't one expect a QRP
station to score less and be more difficult to RX? :)

Instead, wouldn't it be interesting if all scores were
lumped together, sorted highest to lowest with
information revealed about each operation that allows
the reader to discern any special circumstances that
should be of note?

Every participant should *honestly* (another topic,
entirely) reveal Call, Location, Operator Count
(spotting counts) and ERP as a minimum - as part of
their score reporting.  It could even be part of the
on-air exchange!  "W2EV FN03 152" would indicate
1-operator and 52 dB(m+i) ERP (100 watts to a dipole).

Leave the decision as to their operating success or
failure up to the reader.  On the other hand, score
would finally mean something more concrete.  I scored
1000 points with 1 operator, 100-watts to a dipole
from grid EO60.  I can now easily compare my score to
others within my region, ERP category, etc.  Did I
succeed?  Let me be the judge of that. :)

Attaing the highest overall would go to those stations
that maximize all parameters while leaving those "off
the beaten path" the opportunity to compare their
efforts to others in a similar situation (a 'contest
within a contest' by the way) -- and be motivated to
participate to the benefit of all other participants,

Food for thought.

Ev Tupis, W2EV

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