[CQ-Contest] Does this count as time off?

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I hear her ads on XM radio all the time, now I get to see who she is.

I don't know anything about hypnosis but I do believe in short naps.

In the course of a 48 hours contest, I generally operate straight
through the first day but tend to lose focus in the time before Sunday
sunrise.  My mind will start to race and I can't really concentrate.
What I do is lie down on my back, set the alarm for about 15 minutes,
and close my eyes.  In almost every case, I wake up just before the
alarm goes off and go right back to operating.  While it does not help
fatigue, my mind is much clearer without any sleep drunkenness.  Unless
activity is very slow, this is usually enough to allow me to finish the
48 hours.  I will add that a second short nap is not as effective as the
alarm usually wakes me up.

Similarly, on long day of business travel, sometimes I can barely keep
my eyes open to read my magazine on a plane.  After a short nap I am
usually alert again.

I don't know anything about the referenced website, but short naps are

73, Tom W2SC   

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Add heard on the radio: 



Good way to break?  Love that binaural bit.  Maybe send it that local
rival during the contest? 

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