[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

Hershel Kreis hkreis at james-city.va.us
Thu Dec 22 00:19:14 EST 2005

I just occurred to me why we have so few new people becoming hams and getting involved in contesting.  It is the kind of attitude that I see exhibited by Mal, who just sounds to me like he is not a very happy person at all.  That attitude is the "my way is best."  Why would anyone in their right mind want to be exposed to such negative talk about others.  My mother always told me that if I could not say anything good about someone, just don't say anything at all.  Personally, I don't understand his venomous attacks on K1TTT and others at all.  I agree with Dave (and many others on this list), that if you are a casual contester, you are not bound to a strict adherance to the rules of the contest in regards to packet.  I don't even have packet (or telnet) running here.  Ever since K1TTT told Mal that he was out of touch (not in those exact words) by proposing a moratorium on packet during contests, we have all had to edure the flames directed at those who don't agree with him.  I just started contesting again this fall after an absence of a number of years.  I am glad to know that there are many people on this list who do not engage in the personal attacks, but use this list as a forum to learn from each other and enjoy some fellowship with their fellow contesters.  I welcome their sharing their knowledge with myself and others as I am always trying to learn more and improve my skills.
Mal, just agree to disagree and show us that you are willing to use your knowledge to help others to become better contesters, not disparage those who do not agree with you.  If you want to share any wisdom with me, I as a fairly new contester would be grateful.  But, your flames do nothing to show me that you are a competant contester that I can learn anything from.
(Asbestos suit is now donned and ready for the heat to be turned up)

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