[CQ-Contest] A Suggestion for future WRTCs

Ken Widelitz widelitz at gte.net
Thu Dec 22 23:40:09 EST 2005

I have a completely different concept for WRTC, with the emphasis being on
the "T" part (TEAM.) If Los Angeles gets the 2016 Olympics (LA is planning a
bid after being shut out of the 2012 Olympics,) I volunteer to head up WRTC
2016 and try to coordinate it with the Olympics using the following concept.
(Let's not even think about trying to make it an event. That will just never
happen.) And, obviously, the Olympics will probably not coincide exactly
with IARU. It was mid-August in 1984.

Any potential WRTC committee is free to steal the idea if they think it has

My concept is adding a Field Day style setup to the competition with the
added emphasis being on antenna selection, design, assembly and erection.
Let's say a team consists of FOUR members. Each team gets a park location,
two tents, and ***drum roll*** X number of "antenna dollars" that can buy
tower height, use of trees, antenna type (yagi, vertical, wire, etc.,)
rotators, rope, feedline, etc.

Obviously, the materials need to be decided on well in advance for
logistical purposes. Each team arrives at their QTH with their station and
antenna materials some number of hours before the contest begins and all
teams begin assembling their station at the same time. Everyone can help
with assembly, anyone can operate. Ready or not, on the air operations start
when the contest starts.

This adds the contesting skills of antenna planning and design, anticipating
conditions, tower climbing and other assembly and erection abilities, etc.
Plus, more operators can participate. Certainly by being in public, it would
get more general news/sports coverage for amateur radio than prior WRTCs.

Yeah, this is probably impractical. No, it doesn't address selection
criteria. It will be a better reflector topic than beating that old packet

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT

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