[CQ-Contest] SS SSB - K5NZ and "deja vu all over again"

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 25 23:07:43 EST 2005

If you'll go read the CQ-Contest archives from a year ago you'll find K5NZ
complaining about EXACTLY the same thing we're discussing here -- that some
multi-ops are running two rigs simultaneously in the phone SS M/S category.  I
know they're doing it, they know they're doing it.  Build an interlock system
or knock it the hell off, huh?   

Scott Robbins W4PA 

>I wholeheartedly concur with Mike's opinion here. Anyone >"sophisticated" 
>enough to put together a multiop station who knows the exchange >format knows 
>the rules. If this was the case DQ the station (and I'm not >talkin' Dairy 
>Queen) and make an example of them.

>Mark S. Williams
>Elizabeth, IN
>k9gx at n4gn.com

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>> >From the ARRL Sweepstakes rules:
>> 3.2. Multioperator:
>> 3.2.1. Multi-Single only:
>> Only 1 transmitted signal is permitted at any time.
>> During the SS Phone contest, I called a station and he proceeded to give
>> me
>> the exchange.  As he was talking, I can hear another voice in the
>> background
>> also saying an exchange.  I notice that both of them give the same 
>> number.
>> Then just before the op turns it over to me, he stops and corrects the
>> serial number to one higher.  It's pretty obvious to me that they are
>> transmitting the exchange on two bands at the same time.
>> What is the process that one should follow to report something like this?
>> Do I write the station owner?  Do I write to the contest sponsor?  I 
>> don't
>> have this recorded. Why should the contest sponsor believe me?  What
>> should
>> the sponsor do with my report?
> Randy,
> Here is what I think should happen:
> 1). You contact the ARRL contest desk and report your allegations.
> 2). The ARRL contest desk opens an inquiry into the allegations.
> 3). The ARRL sends a letter to the accused station owner outlining
> the alleged wrongdoing and stating that their entry has been suspended
> until the matter can be resolved. The letter requests a formal written
> response within 30 days of receipt in which the accused station owner
> is asked to respond to the charges.
> 4). If the accused station owner does not respond to the allegations
> within the time period specified, the entry is disqualified.
> 5). If the station owner provides a complete response (this is where it
> gets hard), then the contest desk must then decide whether the charges
> are substantiated. The bar should probably be set pretty high here
> with weight given to the any past allegations and the number of people
> who have reported wrongdoing (e.g. multiple reports given much
> more weight than a single report).
> This sounds like a clear case of cheating. Pushing the envelope for
> maximum advantage while still fully and completely complying with
> the one transmitter rule in the SS multi-op category takes both
> operator teamwork and some technical finesse. Those who take blatant
> shortcuts like the one you describe don't deserve to have their score
> listed with those who play it straight.
> 73, Mike W4EF....................
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