[CQ-Contest] Scheduling mess

Barry w2up at mindspring.com
Mon Dec 26 09:25:58 EST 2005

Makes sense to me.  The 3 you mention are all different bands and modes, 
so there won't be any confusion/interference between events.  Seems to 
me like the second silliest complaint of the year :.)
Barry, W2UP

Bob Naumann - W5OV wrote:

>I was just looking at the ARRL's calendar for next month's contests, and I
>see the weekend of January 21-23.
>There are 7 contests that weekend.  3 of which I would like to participate
>1) ARRL January VHF Sweeps
>2) NAQP Phone (not cw, so no great loss)
>3) BARTG RTTY (RTTY is really cool these days)
>Don't the sponsors look to see what else is on the weekend they pick?
>Bob W5OV
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