[CQ-Contest] Scheduling mess

Bob Naumann - W5OV W5OV at W5OV.com
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Nope.  Sorry.  In addition to the second place honor you earned for the
packet/telnet thing, you now win 3rd place honors for 2005 for this one.  By
the way, the "Silliest Comment made on CQ-Contest for the Year _______"
awards are decided only by an elite, intelligent, formerly good-looking,
sleep-apnea challenged, be-spectacled, impartial judging panel, and the
panel is me.  

Oh, relax!  Your second and third place honors are so far removed from the
first place winner, you have nothing to worry about, nor should you take any
offense at this stuff.

Seriously, the issue here is not confusion/interference between contests or
competition for the same frequencies/modes, but rather, the problem is
competition for participants.  Having multiple popular contests on the same
weekend dilutes the participation in each one.  There are only so many of us
to go around. 

I am certain that I am not alone in wanting to participate in all 3 of those
contests listed below.  The result will be is that I will be part-time in
each instead of full-time.  Activity will be lower in each as a result.

I think some intelligent planning is in order here.  I am especially
surprised at the ARRL VHF and NAQP being on the same weekend.  Like, they
didn't know?


Bob W5OV

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Makes sense to me.  The 3 you mention are all different bands and modes, so
there won't be any confusion/interference between events.  Seems to me like
the second silliest complaint of the year :.) Barry, W2UP

Bob Naumann - W5OV wrote:

>I was just looking at the ARRL's calendar for next month's contests, 
>and I see the weekend of January 21-23.
>There are 7 contests that weekend.  3 of which I would like to 
>participate in.
>1) ARRL January VHF Sweeps
>2) NAQP Phone (not cw, so no great loss)
>3) BARTG RTTY (RTTY is really cool these days)
>Don't the sponsors look to see what else is on the weekend they pick?
>Bob W5OV
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