[CQ-Contest] Radio interference problem

K8JWT k8jwt at adelphia.net
Tue Dec 27 21:45:49 EST 2005

Sorry for adressing multiple reflectors but this problem is killing my capabilities to operate.

I am receiving interference from my computer monitor mainly in the 20 meter band that almost obliterates the PSK-31/RTTY section of the band. I have tried the available chokes from Radio Shack with no improvement. This interference also effects 15meters slightly. No problems with 40 or 80 meters.

Monitor is about 4 feet away from the radio/tuner setup with cables for each seperated as well as possible. Monitor is almost brand new CRT type. I have returned to point of purchase for exchange which they did but the problem persists.

Any suggestions would be very helpful. . .

Jacob Tennant - K8JWT

PS: I did wrap all of my exposed coax with alluminum foil which dropped the interference a little bit but not much. Also checked all of the PL-259 solder joints and they are good.

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