[CQ-Contest] [TowerTalk] Elevated guys to aN extreme

Mark Beckwith n5ot at n5ot.com
Fri Dec 30 16:03:01 EST 2005

Jim Lux:

>> However, I think your point is valid when comparing
>> rock climbing gear with tower climbing.


> I don't understand all the fuss about using man
> rated climbing ropes and such for tower climbing.

Time for the reality police to intervene.  I think it is clear from my web 
site that the incident Jason originally complained about is the way in which 
we kept some of the younger teenage boys occupied at the tower party.  One 
of the adult men had all his rock-climbing equipment in the car and got it 
out and hung it off the lowest guy point of one of the other towers.  The 
boys played on belay and had a good and safe time.  At no time was a man 
doing tower work suspended from a rope or using mountaineering equipment 
except for carabiners, pulleys and web strapping from REI which are my 
personal choice for rigging antennas.  We didn't put up any antennas that 

> I have been up and down more times than I can count
> two towers which N5OT helped engineer and install.

Thanks for the kinds words, Mike.


> Actually it's a clever solution.

Thanks, Steve.  Though I'm satisfied with the engineering and the risk, I 
would still not do it again unless I had no alternative.

Mark, N5OT 

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