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Sat Jan 1 18:55:53 EST 2005

> > Clive don't be so harsh on verticals, have a look at Team 
> Vertical and
> their
> > MM world record beating from 6Y5 with bunch of whips in the 
> sands. They
> did
> > some whipping what team Nokia with container loads of 
> towers and beams
> could not
> > do from PJ2.
> > Its all relative :-)
> >

Happy New Year !

I was at PJ9A for 1990 WW CW.
We won the M/M category.

Back then we had no band filters.
FT1000D rigs were first or second version radios -
many enhancements were introduced in 1991.

We had no stubs.

We had many antennas but we did not divide power to multiple
directions nor did listen from multiple directions.

The 1990 M/M technology was what it was and that
simply cannot be compared to modern scores or modern stations.

We had no computer logging for another main issue.

The balance between the station development vs. inter station
info exchange vs. automatisation vs. antennas should have
been different.

And if the same team would make the effort again, the balance
would be different.

For example we had 3 towers on 20m alone.
That would be unnecessary now.
I used more the 5el rotating over 5el to north than the
fixed 5 el stacks to US/EU.
..power dividing system idea was nearly there but not quite.

But hey - operating was Great Fun after long hours up the tower
under the burning Sun.
We scored some 4000 QSOs on 20m alone with OH2MM/EA8EA.

Our mult was huge.. 128c / 38 or 39z.

Even the mult numbers were very different what anyone can get
today on 20m using multiple stacks!

Today's M/M technology/radios are so much better that at EA8ZS
on 2004 WW SSB the 20m mult station could listen on nearly clean
band when the pileup station was transmitting.
And same for all other bands.

Environment is so different.

PJ9W / PJ9A set some record that will stay for a long time for
any expedition type operation:
160m full size GP + beverages.
80m full size 3 el yagi at decent height + some other ant + beves.
40m 4 over 4 + a 4el on another tower.
20m plural towers
15m 4x4el yagi on a H frame plus some 5 el stack or stacks.
10m 4x4el yagi on a H frame plus some 5 el stack or stacks.

..nobody will top that amount of hardware on an expedition..

And I think OH2JA and DL3AHA(?) got over 100 Japanese stations
on 80m - that has not been topped from South America to my

Now that it has been said, I just wait to see what happens
in 2005!

The team had no Nokia hams back then - at least I do not think so.
If there were, thay were to a very little minority.
For example I had just graduated from the hgh school back then.

To my knowledge, Nokia did not support the PJ9A/PJ9W expedition.
Nokia was a small company back then in telecoms, larger player

Friends, times change and scores get bigger even in CW contests.
I hope that continues.
Bigger scores mean bigger QSO numbers.
That equals bigger fun factor.

Jukka OH6LI

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