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Harri M. Mantila OH6YF harry at oh6yf.com
Sat Jan 1 21:51:14 EST 2005

Hi all!

I was too at PJ9W!

>PJ9W / PJ9A set some record that will stay for a long time for
>any expedition type operation:
>160m full size GP + beverages.
>80m full size 3 el yagi at decent height + some other ant + beves.
>40m 4 over 4 + a 4el on another tower.
>20m plural towers
>15m 4x4el yagi on a H frame plus some 5 el stack or stacks.
>10m 4x4el yagi on a H frame plus some 5 el stack or stacks.

On SSB we even had 3 element triangle quad on 160 meters with 42 meter 
boom! Ttunder storm damaged it before CW part.

>..nobody will top that amount of hardware on an expedition..
>To my knowledge, Nokia did not support the PJ9A/PJ9W expedition.
>Nokia was a small company back then in telecoms, larger player
PJ9W / PJ9A was sponsored by Benefon, KLM and some other companies. Not 
by Nokia.

I have digitiliazed PJ9W/PJ9A video on DVD. if someone wants it I can 
send it to you for self cost price to you.

Happy New Year 2005!

Best Regards,
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