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Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Sun Jan 2 12:22:46 EST 2005

And how much extra effort is involved in installing a "small 3-stack" vs.
verticals? Particularly in a DX-pedition setting?

Is that worth less than an S-unit?

I think the point that needs to be made here is that K2KW et al didn't
arrive at the decision to use verticals lightly. It certainly wasn't a
decision founded on saving time, effort and money, though that is indeed a
benefit. They researched departure angles to the areas they needed to reach
and compared models of verticals against yagis and found the yagis
underperformed -- for the areas they were trying to reach -- in each
instance. The decision was founded upon gains acheived <<at certain angles>>
not overall.

I'd say with the wall candy they've acquired, their models have been borne
out. Anyone with doubts should read the report referenced earlier. It is
shows a comprehensive decision-making process. Particularly interesting was
the research done on where on the beach to locate the antenna (over the
water or 1/4-wl away?). Most would be surprised at the result.

That, as Kenny says, you can fit the entire station's antenna system into
three golf-club carrying cases is just the icing on the cake. Important when
it's a DX-pedition vs. establishing a permanent station.

It may be a bitter pill for someone with multiple 45Gs on Dutch territory to
swallow, but that doesn't make it any less true.

73, kelly

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> >>K3BU:
> >Just to bring to attention that verticals can be awesom, beat Yagis when
> properly used (on salty beaches).
> It's deja vu all over again...didn't we have this conversation
> once before (see post from 21 March below).  More refined modeling
> shows the small 3-stack has peak gain around 21.7 dBi, not 19.6 dBi
> mentioned below.
> http://users.vnet.net/btippett/terrain_&_toa's.htm
>                                                  73,  Bill  W4ZV
> .......
> W4ZV            2009   37  138      31   1,021,825 PVRC
> N2EE/4          1675   36  128             792,284 FRC  LOW POWER
> <<
> Rest of the "reasoning" omitted.
> Yep, here we go again :-)
> So in the rest of your post you are comparing 18 elements of your
> stack with my crummy 4 el. 4sq. and I was LOW POWER that is my IC781 vs.
> ALPHA???
> If I divide your score by the number of elements, you get 56,768 points
> element, while I get 198,071 points per element. That's 3.4 times, now add
> for huge power difference and you get maybe 10x more. Something like 15 dB
> overall benefit of Vs vs. Ys.
> So who sucks? Yagis or verticals?  (:-)
> Hi Kenny, compliments to your steamrolling of records with fishing poles
> the sand, I am right behind you, still arming :-)
> Oh well, use whatever turns you on, just don't dump on my beechy verticals
> and swimsuit.
> 73 HNY
> Yuri,
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