[CQ-Contest] SO2R on a tiny lot

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Sun Jan 2 19:43:27 EST 2005

N4GG said:

>As Dave, K6LL, mentioned, it can be done.  Running SO2R here, QRO both rigs,
>on a 70 X 100 foot lot.  The "big" antenna is an 88 foot sloping dipole
>which is used on 80-10 and fed as a top-loaded vertical against radials for
>160.  The "small" antenna is a fan inverted vee with wires for 40 and 20,
>yielding 40/20/15.  The center height for both antennas is about 40 feet.

Doing SO2R here with 8m^2 space for antennas - separate feeders on a
tribander, a SteppIR dipole above that, short roof tower supporting both is
shunt fed for 80 & inverted vee doublet reasonant somewhere near 9 Mc
for 40 (that the 20m reflector of tribander clears by just a few cm as it
rotates).  SteppIR at 16m, rest at 13m & tower starts at 9m above
ground.  Radials for tower do extend beyond the 8m^2 space & center
of the doublet is in the corner of that 8m^2 space with one leg tied to an
adjacent house, but I doubt there is anyone doing SO2R in a smaller

The inverted vee doublet might be something K8SIX might want to try.
I used to force feed it with a tuner in the shack on 40, but changed to
balanced feeders & put the tuner outside on the balcony immediately
below it.  By tying the feeders together & working that against some
sort of counterpoise, it could be used on 80.

As the total length of tower & mast being shunt fed on 80 is only 8m,
another possibility would be to shunt feed any tower or other vertical
conductor one has, even if it has to be part way up the structure &
with only an elevated radial or two.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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