[CQ-Contest] SO2R on a tiny lot

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Sun Jan 2 20:56:10 EST 2005

Hi all,

I realize this wasn't the original question for this thread, which was,
essentially, about whether SO2R from a small lot is doable. Clearly it is.

But another thread asked about SO2R by someone who felt he had hit a ceiling
in Qs, and that SO2R was the only way around it.

Here's the more important question for SO2R aspirants, IMHO: should I do
SO2R at all...yet?

There are fundamentals of good operating that should be mastered, IMHO,
before SO2R will have any significant advantage. Despite what some who would
propose separate categories for SO2R and SO1R would think, SO2R is not a
substitute for incomplete operating skills.

Someone who is less than perfect with one radio will only be doubly less
than perfect with two. Band changes, timing, antennas, etc. all play much
greater influences than SO2R, especially since SO2R is by no means
"plug-n-play" no matter how much money you can throw at Array Solutions, ICE
or Top Ten Devices.

You have to wire your brain for SO2R first, no matter how well you wire your

A quick check at the original poster's band breakdown for 2003 suggests
there's some more work to do before contemplating SO2R.

Be all that as it may, there's been some great advice on setting up SO2R on
small lots.

73, kelly

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