[CQ-Contest] Be careful

Bill Tippett btippett at alum.mit.edu
Sun Jan 2 19:52:06 EST 2005

Hi Kelly,

VE4XT wrote:

>Nobody ever said they were always better than stacks. The question was,
>originally, about portable operations such as the Team Vertical forays.

         Sorry...just trying to shine the light of a few facts
(i.e. modeling data, comparable contest results, etc) on all
the opinions flying around.  Actually the original question
was about operating from a small station versus a big gun
station, and had nothing to do with portable operations.

         As I said, verticals work very well for portable operations,
but they are not necessarily competitive with Yagi stacks,
as some have claimed.  I believe the gain figures I posted tell
the true story very concisely.

                                 73,  Bill  W4ZV 

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