[CQ-Contest] Wandering Foot Switch

K0HB k-zero-hb at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 3 19:55:50 EST 2005

I like to use a foot switch to key up my transmitter, especially during
contesting when I use a combination earphone/mic headset (Heil Pro-Set). 

The problem is that the foot switch tends to get kicked around under the
operating position, finally getting lost just when you hear that new double
multiplier in zone 39! 

Well, radiomen aren't the only ones to use foot switches, as my lovely XYL
K0CKB pointed out to me. One of her other hobbies is sewing and
seamstresses use a foot switch all the time, presumably also losing their
switch at the worst possible time. Unlike radiomen, seamstresses did
something about it. She sent me down to the local fabric emporium and told
me to ask for a "Pedal Sta-II". You can see/buy it on the web at
http://www.pedal-sta.com/pedal-sta.html. No more lost foot switch (and
multiplier) in the heat of the battle!
73, de Hans, K0HB

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