[CQ-Contest] Wandering Foot Switch

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Tue Jan 4 09:36:33 EST 2005

I have a low pile (Berber) carpet in my shack and have found that a piece 
of stick-on Velcro (the hook side) on the bottom of the foot switch makes 
it hold still just fine.

73, Pete

At 07:55 PM 1/3/2005, K0HB wrote:

>I like to use a foot switch to key up my transmitter, especially during
>contesting when I use a combination earphone/mic headset (Heil Pro-Set).
>The problem is that the foot switch tends to get kicked around under the
>operating position, finally getting lost just when you hear that new double
>multiplier in zone 39!
>Well, radiomen aren't the only ones to use foot switches, as my lovely XYL
>K0CKB pointed out to me. One of her other hobbies is sewing and
>seamstresses use a foot switch all the time, presumably also losing their
>switch at the worst possible time. Unlike radiomen, seamstresses did
>something about it. She sent me down to the local fabric emporium and told
>me to ask for a "Pedal Sta-II". You can see/buy it on the web at
>http://www.pedal-sta.com/pedal-sta.html. No more lost foot switch (and
>multiplier) in the heat of the battle!
>73, de Hans, K0HB
>   http://www.home.earthlink.net/~k0hb
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