[CQ-Contest] Wandering Foot Switch

n6ki at juno.com n6ki at juno.com
Mon Jan 3 21:54:59 EST 2005

I have done quite a bit of research on the best ergonomically
and electrically designed and very comfortable foot switch
that will not cause fatigue or muscle cramps in foot or leg.

The GEM-V2 from Linemaster in Woodstock Ct

The real nice feature about this foot switch is that
it is round and you can approach it from any angle
with your foot. It also has a chrome bezel so even looks
very nice for those of you who like Martha Stewart
type accents in your ham shack ...Ha !

$28.60 + S&H

860 974-1000
or tool free FAX at 1 800 974-3668

The last one I got from Linemaster 
lasted 15 years worth of contests!

I have no pecuniary interest and won't make 1 cent 
from this referral

They used to have a minimum dollar amount for purchases
but I just had them ship me one to the company I used
to work for and then they invoiced it as a sample for eval
with a 30 days to pay or return it....

Do not order the line cord that is an option for it, just 
get some very flexable 2 conductor cable and install yourself.
I believe it has SPDT with N.O and N.C. contacts.
The line cord they sell is not flexible enough for
amateur needs.

You might beble to see a pix of it at 


The GEM V3 and V36 has cord attached you do not want !

73, Dennis N6KI

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