[CQ-Contest] World Records and Verticals

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Mon Jan 3 22:14:27 EST 2005

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rustyhill at earthlink.net writes:
>>I challenge anyone to set up 2 or three golf club bags full of verticals 
over rocky soil in central Texas and out perform towers with Yagis at the 
same location.  Yes verticals in a salt water marsh work wonderfully, but 
that does not lead to a conclusion that a vertical on a city lot can 
successfully compete with towers and Yagis on a larger piece of real estate.

Certainly verticals in the right location are effective, and in some cases 
are the most effective antenna, but if we are going to have a discussion 
about how wonderful verticals are, then lets compare apples to apples.<<

Single vertical without radials on Texas or other ground sucks, no argument 
You put enough radials under the city vertical and you will get decent 
performance. The additional effect of salt water is unobstructed "view" for the RF 
and noise sources except maybe jetski.

Ever heard of vertical arrays with decent radial plane inland killing 
competition on low bands? On 160 verticals rule. Sure if you do W4ZV comparison of 4 
el. verticals vs. 18 el. stack there is a difference. But if I put .....    
aw, fuggetaboutit :-)

The point is to use the best performing antennas or arrays to get maximum 
signal. If you got no real estate, and little money, take your fishing poles to 
the beach. If you got acres and towers inland, by all means use horizontals.

If you got QTH on the beach, take advantage of it.
Yea, verticals suck, don't use them :-)

73 Yuri, da beach BUm

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