[CQ-Contest] World Records and Verticals

Russell Hill rustyhill at earthlink.net
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Hey Yuri, you know what might be fun?  How about a stack of Yagis on some 
reasonable sized band, such as 15, 20, or 40, used in a contest, alongside 
an appropriately scaled set of phased verticals in essentially the same 
location, operated by multi-ops going at it full bore.  Let 'em go head to 
head.  It would be interesting to compare logs afterwards.


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>>>I challenge anyone to set up 2 or three golf club bags full of verticals
> over rocky soil in central Texas and out perform towers with Yagis at the
> same location.  Yes verticals in a salt water marsh work wonderfully, but
> that does not lead to a conclusion that a vertical on a city lot can
> successfully compete with towers and Yagis on a larger piece of real 
> estate.
> Certainly verticals in the right location are effective, and in some cases
> are the most effective antenna, but if we are going to have a discussion
> about how wonderful verticals are, then lets compare apples to apples.<<
> Single vertical without radials on Texas or other ground sucks, no 
> argument
> there.
> You put enough radials under the city vertical and you will get decent
> performance. The additional effect of salt water is unobstructed "view" 
> for the RF
> and noise sources except maybe jetski.
> Ever heard of vertical arrays with decent radial plane inland killing
> competition on low bands? On 160 verticals rule. Sure if you do W4ZV 
> comparison of 4
> el. verticals vs. 18 el. stack there is a difference. But if I put .....
> aw, fuggetaboutit :-)
> The point is to use the best performing antennas or arrays to get maximum
> signal. If you got no real estate, and little money, take your fishing 
> poles to
> the beach. If you got acres and towers inland, by all means use 
> horizontals.
> If you got QTH on the beach, take advantage of it.
> Yea, verticals suck, don't use them :-)
> 73 Yuri, da beach BUm
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