[CQ-Contest] Footswitch Nostalgia & The Future

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Tue Jan 4 22:54:25 EST 2005

All this talk about footswitches has triggered old memories...

I thought Jim Neiger's eyeballs were going to pop out the first time we met 
circa 1963 or so.  He came over to my parent's house (rig in the 
bedroom/college days).  Not having "full" break-in, he watched me pump up 
and down on the footswitch in between sending partial letters of my 
callsign in a pileup.  It was always breaking, moving around all over the 
hardwood floor...scratching it..an old battered up small military surplus 
footswitch, 'twas, and no idea whatever happened to it.

HOWEVER...I now have several footswitches...two being the 3-pedal X-Keys 
switches...the ones you can program to do keystrokes, etc.  In TR, I can 
tune my RX RIT up or down with my feet while still typing, although need 
more practice to be sure.  These footswitches *are* "The Future",,,for a 
lot of slick foot-operated hot-key combo triggers, etc. - either PS/2 port 
or USB versions.

For those using the Awesome Morse Runner program, one of these puppies will 
allow you to do the same thing...tune the RIT with your feet and not have 
to move your fingers to the up/down arrow keys :-)


Rick, K6VVA

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