[CQ-Contest] World Records and Verticals

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Tue Jan 4 21:55:03 EST 2005

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>>Again, the bottom line: the station with the winning combination of 
operators and equipment is going to win. It's a game, and you can stack the 
odds (no pun intended), but you still can't predict the outcome with 

As usual with postings, they tend to drift away from the original subject.
You don't need to compare two contest stations/antennas to arrive at verdict 
which is better, Y or V.

Now with modeling programs, TA, one can figure out what which antenna does 
what, how to fit it in the available environment for the desired effect. 
Antennas can be tested, measured, compared, no need to involve operator twins.

There was a post about reaching plateau and what to do. That is normal with 
particular station, variation comes with propagation and other factors. To get 
major jump on competition one needs to come up with significant points maker, 
different location, antennas, equipment and mainly operating skills. We have 
so many variables involved and that is what makes it interesting. This is 
technical hobby where equipment and operator (in a location) come together to 
produce that record score. You need to be there in case propagation gods smile on 
us. This is what keeps us hooked. Each contest is a new race, its up to each of 
us how we operate our wares, how much we sleep, eat, go to....

"Tings" change, propagation wise, ham population and participation wise, we 
got older, wiser and slower, need more time in the bathroom ...
One time looked like the place to be is PJ or HC8, now CN8, D4 seem to be it. 
So, contesting is.....never ending fun and challenge.

Yuri, K3BU.us
could be also VE3BMV, VE1BY, N2EE, NT1E, C6AYB,  no more P40A

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