[CQ-Contest] NAQP schedule next year

Scott R. w4pa at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 7 10:45:01 EST 2005

>New Year's Day falls on a Sunday next year, so I think 
>this conflict is scheduled to happen again. I think the 
>BARTG RTTY Sprint is scheduled for the third Saturday 
>of January, but the NAQP CW could be moved to the third 
>SUNDAY. The NAQP is low power, so it shouldn't disturb 
>Sunday afternoon TV sports, and it starts late enough 
>that many people could even go to church before the 
>contest starts. That would make: Jan7-8 RTTY Roundup, 
>Jan14 NAQP SSB, Jan22 (SUN) NAQP CW. Anybody see any 
>major problems with that?

January 1 being a Sunday, that shouldn't be a problem.  RTTY Roundup on
Sat Jan 7 (first Sat in Jan), NAQP CW on Sat Jan 14 (second Sat in

Am I wrong?

Nix on Sunday for NAQP.  I am not going to be too thrilled about a
contest that ends at 1:00 am Eastern time, getting home at 2:30 and
then having to get out of bed 4 hours later to go to work.  Saturday,
please, and then I can roll out of bed at 10:00 on Sunday :-)

Scott W4PA

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