[CQ-Contest] Homeless 2003 CQ WW Plaques

K1AR at aol.com K1AR at aol.com
Fri Jan 7 14:12:13 EST 2005

Sorry for the bandwidth here, but I've run out of options. The following CQ  
WW trophies are homeless. Can anyone provide me with either an address and/or  
e-mail address to clean these up? 
2003 SSB -  SU9NC (_n9nc at link.net_ (mailto:n9nc at link.net)   doesn't work)

2003 SSB -  OT3A

2003 SSB  - T9/KG6KZK

For what it's worth, the rest of 2003 is in the mail and/or delivered. If  
anyone is missing a CQ WW (only) plaque or wants a duplicate made, let me  know.
73 John, K1AR

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