[CQ-Contest] RE: [YCCC] ft-1000mp beverage switching?

Brian Lambert, N1IK n1ik at n1ik.com
Fri Jan 7 14:35:56 EST 2005

I believe that's right, David, the RX port is not switched off/out when the
rig is transmitting.

To protect my radio, especially now that I have an amplifier, I installed a
relay to disconnect my K9AY loop from the FT-1000MP MARK-V Field during TX.
K9AY sells one:


I could have made my own, but his was cheap enough that it wasn't worth my


Brian Lambert

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Trying to figure out how to do 2 radios on one band with mp's... it appears
that the beverage antenna input is not switched off when the ptt is keyed,
is this correct??  So when transmitting the beverage is still connected
through to the rx rf path?  Or does the relay on the rf board that selects
the beverage input get switched back to the (now disconnected by the tr
relay) normal antenna line??

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