[CQ-Contest] Shhhh...it's a Secret!

K1AR at aol.com K1AR at aol.com
Fri Jan 7 15:33:51 EST 2005

You know, this radio stuff is actually pretty easy. Unfortunately, it  has 
become overly complicated by the technoids/over-analyzers of the world, most  of 
which have never actually won a contest. So, here's the secret to winning  
(and don't tell ANYONE ELSE):
1) Put up some decent antennas at a reasonable location that favors your  
interests in contesting (e.g., NM for SS, NH or D4 for CQ WW). Beams are good --  
doesn't really matter what kind or how many elements. Try to include some 
device  to turn a few of them. Wires add value. Verts can be good, too.
2) Buy a couple used IC781s
3) Buy a couple of decent amps that put out around 1500W +/-.
4) If you really want to hang out there, get some SO2R crap and wire it all  
5) Install a PC with a logging program.
6) Wait for your favorite contest and operate it.
7) Send your score in.
The following are evil distractions:
1) Any new radio product
2) Kenwood anything other than an 850 or perhaps a 930
3) IC-pro blah, blah, pro, blah, blah
4) Unmodified FT1000blah, blah
5) Electric fences
6) Ice
Other advice:
1) Stop reading all of the endless technical banter that people write  about 
this subject and use your newly acquired free time to get on the air  and 
become skilled at understanding propagation, callsigns and your  station.
2) Operate enough so that people know your call by simply sending the  first 
few dits.
3) Answer your QSLs.
If you do most of the above, you will do well in contests. Again, my only  
request is for you to please keep this information to yourself.
73 John, K1AR

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