[CQ-Contest] Just when you think

David Burger david.burger at usyd.edu.au
Sun Jan 16 18:00:48 EST 2005

Failing top ID frequently is definitely NOT a DX thing.  It is solely
operator style who is both inconsiderate and self-centred, and as VK9XD,
I repeatedly hounded one station for his callsign knowing I was a strong
signal pain until he relented and gave me his callsign.  Only during
quiet periods when called by 2 stations will I skip my callsign ID.


There were a few stations who are NOT in the VK9XD logs of 2003 and 2004
as a result of this parochial behaviour, and I am happy to drop 3 points
anytime - but am real surprised if the other station is happy to drop 3
points and probably 2 mults..    If they think we are all watching spot
lists are prepared to wait 5 minutes for a callsign - thing again. !!


David Burger  VK2CZ / VK9XD



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