[CQ-Contest] Just when you think

Art Searle W2NRA w2nra at optonline.net
Sun Jan 16 13:28:16 EST 2005

Contest etiquette?  YOu guys are being unrealistic!  Kelly has it right! 
  The DX is managing his pileup.  And it may be unfair.  It may waste 
your time and lower your QSO rate but it works for the DX.  And it is a 
contest.  If the DX gives his call every 3 or 4 Qs and the pileup 
becomes unmanageably large (because we all know how polite and courteous 
contesters and DX chasers are in a pileup) and his Q count goes way down 
who does that benefit.  You can't blame DX for operating this way.  The 
only way we are ever going to discourage this is to all agree to not 
work DX that operates this way.  And you know that ain't going to happen.


kelly, ve4x wrote:

 > Here's the thinking from the other end of the pileup (and remember,
 > I am NOT advocating a 3Y0GP approach): if there are 30 stations in
 > the pileup who know his call, there's plenty of fresh meat available.
 > The stations who spin the dial and move on aren't going to materially
 > affect his score, particularly when the pileup from start to finish
 > is already more stations than he can work.

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