[CQ-Contest] How frequent to ID? Every QSO? No way!

CT1BOH - José Carlos Nunes ct1boh at sapo.pt
Mon Jan 17 20:11:55 EST 2005

Hi Hans

Nice to hear from you.
Like everything else in life, there are no win win situations.
Sometimes I win sometimes I loose. If I have a constant pile-up, that QSO
will not make a difference. Probably it will even be better, because it will
be a lighter pile-up for my side. And then may be you work me later when I
don't have a pile-up, and ID with TEST CALL seeking for callers everytime.
Or may be not, and I will loose that QSO forever.

The point is, ID is a very potent skill, like I proved in my original
e-mail, but needs to be used with care.

Remember I S&P all the time, 48 hours while running at the same time,
because I do SO2R. I suffer from stations not ID correctly. Note I am saying
correctly and not frequently.

Anyway, thanks for all those QSO's, and I am sure a lot more from contests
to come.

José Nunes

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> >
> > It is my experience that IDing at least every minute of until someone
> sends
> > "?" is a good way to balance the needs of the contest DX station and the
> > needs of those arriving to the pile-up and unaware of the DX contest
> station
> > callsign.
> >
> Then you are unlikely to find a Q from me in your log.  When I abandon or
> lose my run frequency, I will frequently make an S&P "harvesting" sweep
> across the band.  If I quickly ID your station (in 1 exchange) I will work
> you.  If I need to wait a full minute (several Qs) to ID you, I'll have
> worked 2 or 3 other stations up band from you.  I win --- you lose.
> 73, de Hans, K0HB

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