[CQ-Contest] How frequent to ID? Every QSO? No way!

Vladimir V. Sidorov eu1sa at belsonet.net
Tue Jan 18 09:22:09 EST 2005

Let me in.
I'd still stay with Hans. The more a station works w/o IDing, the more
(patient) people are accumulated at his freq, and what kind of explosion
will be when he IDes finally... And once again, before he IDies, there will
be a lot of CL???, dupes, etc. Several people mentionned it already.

There is another very important item.
With the weird policy of most of HAM magazines nowadays showing less and
less interest in promotion of contesting, newcomers have to learn contesting
skills somewhere. Actually there 2 options: over-the-air experience and
elmering, this mailing list included. The what a newcomer hears or reads, he
might bring up as an example. So he can say, why should I identify myself
frequently if a well-estimeed contester XY0ZZ does it every 5 QSOs.
Moreover, he promotes it as a pileup management practice!... So why shoud I
ID every QSO?
As a result we have a lot of "vacation DX-peditioners" who enter contests
with an attitude of King of the band, doing, as correctly mentionned here
already, bla-bla-bla, then long bla-bla-bla, and finally just QRZ?

Every contester perfectly knows that there are sometimes circumstances when
it's worth to drop IDing for a couple of QSOs. But newcomers, and there are
ones among this list readers, should be advised a few very basic principles
very clearly:
- Not IDing after every QSO is WRONG
- calling with "last two" is WRONG
- signing /QRP is WRONG
Add something else upon your taste.

Thanks and 73,
Vladimir EU1SA

> Sri Hans but you lose.  What José prescribes is a good way of controlling
> the pileup.  When too many stations are calling it all just becomes noise
> and the rate may slow down.  When José has a continuous pileup he doesn't
> need you unless you are a new mult.  Yes, we all would like to instantly
> know who the station is, but that is not always possible.  IDing every
> minute or every 4-5 QSOs is in my mind a suitable practice.
> Doug
> K0HB wrote:
> > Then you are unlikely to find a Q from me in your log. When I abandon or
> > lose my run QRG, I will usually make an S&P "mult harvesting" sweep
> > the band before establishing a new run QRG. If I quickly ID your station
> > (in 1 exchange) I will work you. If I need to wait a full minute
> > Qs) to ID you, I'll have already worked 3 or 4 other stations up band
> > you. I win --- you lose.
> >
> > 73, de Hans, K0HB
>  >>It is my experience that IDing at least every minute or until someone
>  >>sends "?" is a good way to balance the needs of the contest DX station
and the
>  >>needs of those arriving to the pile-up and unaware of the DX contest
>  >>callsign.
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