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I guess one event probably influenced me most in my thinking about penalties
for badly copied calls.  I won't name the individual concerned as my
thoughts relate more to principle than personality but:

While S&P in a recent major event, I called a very well known contest
station.  Although he was very strong with me and I suspect I was with him,
it took three calls, in between which he called CQ, before I got a response.
When it came, the response was "Worked before".  I replied with "Not in log"
and the station responded with  "You copied my call wrong".  I imediately
knew which contact he was referring to, as I had only logged one other
contact with his entity on that band.  So I said, "You didnt correct your
call".  He replied, "No, I get multiplier, you get penalty....Hi!".

This incident really showed up a weakness of a scheme which only penalises
the operator who incorrectly logs the call (or logs an incorrect call).  It
could be argued that such a scheme might provide incentive for the
unscrupulous to fudge their own call when making exchanges with those who
might constiute serious competition.

Perish the thought, someone would actually do such a thing!

Bob, 5B4AGN, P3F

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> >What I can't understand is why rules in some contests only penalise
> the receiver for a badly copied call and not the sender.  It seems
> >to me that if an appropriate exchange doesn't take place then
> neither should there be a valid qso for either party.  If all
> contests >supported a scheme in which both stations had to correctly
> log calls and other exchange requirements for either to be awarded
> points >the emphasis on ID might be improved. (at least in contests)
> >Bob, 5B4AGN, P3F
> _______________________________________________
> This is an interesting subject. What Bob said about penalizing both
> sides of QSO does make sense. There are two schools of thoughts. One
> is the CQWW and WPX where receiving side takes all the penalties. I
> was supporting this approach assuming that nowadays senders (well,
> most of them) use computers for perfect sending and therefore all the
> mistakes are on the receiving side.
> Another school of thought is widely used here in Russia for most of
> the contests (Russian DX contest excluded). It states that QSO is a
> two way road and if something is wrong in one of the logs, then
> correct exchange did not take place and both parties should be
> penalized. The latter approach, although it sounds true, does not
> take into account the fact that the motivation to be awarded points
> for QSO could be different with different parties. If I am just
> casual participant I do not care much about points an penalties.
> Sometimes these participants do not send in log at all and therefore
> all contacts with them should not be counted. Russian DX contest
> sponsors tried to partly compensate for that by creating "virtual
> logs" for such a participants and analyzing the probability of QSO
> using sophisticated algorithm.
> Anyway in the light of what Bob said, may be the more strict approach
> when both stations are responsible for correct exchange in both logs
> does make sense.
> 73, Igor UA9CDC

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