[CQ-Contest] Noisy shack? Here's the cure

dennis o'connor k8do at mailblocks.com
Tue Jan 18 08:19:43 EST 2005

A high dollar, but effective solution, is  ANR (electronic noise 
canceling) headsets for aircraft...  I have the Lightspeed headsets for 
my plane,  20XL and Twenty 3G models... As soon as you turn on the 
electronics the shack gets so quiet that you have to:
1. Turn the receiver volume down because it's way too loud...
2. Every once in a while lift one earpiece to convince yourself that 
the blower on the amp is still running...
3.  Look for the lint on the furnace vent waving to be sure the furnace 
is still running...

So, if you have a buddy who has a noise canceling headset, borrow it, 
you will be amazed...\

denny - k8do

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