[CQ-Contest] Fw: Just when you think

kd4d at comcast.net kd4d at comcast.net
Tue Jan 18 08:40:48 EST 2005

Hi Bob:

Well, he actually did you a favor.  I almost never do that...I
just work the dupe, log it, and move on.  He gets a penalty
for the previous busted call, and that takes me less time
(in a CQWW) than chatting about it...in SS, maybe not!

What I hate is the multipliers who do that to me when 
THEY have a problem in their log and I have to call them
again to get it straightened out.  I'm always concerned that
they won't log the second QSO...

Since there is no penalty to the other station when you bust
a callsign, just working and logging the duplicates for the run
station seems to make sense.  If you are getting a lot of
dupes, it's probably a busted packet spot and should subside
if you ID a few times.  :-)


Mark, KD4D

> Igor
> I guess one event probably influenced me most in my thinking about penalties
> for badly copied calls.  I won't name the individual concerned as my
> thoughts relate more to principle than personality but:
> While S&P in a recent major event, I called a very well known contest
> station.  Although he was very strong with me and I suspect I was with him,
> it took three calls, in between which he called CQ, before I got a response.
> When it came, the response was "Worked before".  I replied with "Not in log"
> and the station responded with  "You copied my call wrong".  I imediately
> knew which contact he was referring to, as I had only logged one other
> contact with his entity on that band.  So I said, "You didnt correct your
> call".  He replied, "No, I get multiplier, you get penalty....Hi!".

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