[CQ-Contest] How frequent to ID? Every QSO? No way!

Barry w2up at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 18 18:42:56 EST 2005

I'll start by saying I greatly admire Jose's contesting skills and he 
was also kind enough to take me and the XYL out to dinner when we 
were in Lisbon a few years ago.  However, his approach exudes 
selfishness and poor sportsmanship.  Yes, I realize it is a contest, 
but there's a limit to how much "me me me" one does at the expense of 
others.  Is it right to expect others to wait an entire minute for an 
ID?   If so, those lost QSOs are coming out of someone else's pocket.

How about this scenario, using the same "me me me" logic:
Me: CQ test de W2UP
Me: CT1XXX 5995
DX: TU 59914
Me: TU 

Note that DX miscopied my call.  Do I have any obligation to correct 
it?  I still get the QSO points because I copied him correctly, but 
he loses this QSO + 3 QSOs for a U+1 busted call.  It would cost me 
several msec to send my call again and I could be making another QSO 
instead of helping DX get my call right.  
See what I mean?
Barry W2UP

Barry Kutner, W2UP              Internet: w2up at mindspring.com
Newtown, PA                     Frankford Radio Club

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