[CQ-Contest] The battle of the Call Signs

Jim Cain cainjim at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 22 11:22:27 EST 2005

In trying to revive my interest in contesting this fall I loaded CT for DOS into an old laptop. I felt like CT was running my call sign together when it sent it on CW, so I reprogrammed my call sign (F3) as K space 1 space T space N. There's something really important about sending your call sign in the best way for it to get through. I woke up to this years ago, too many years ago, listening to Bill Maxson, K4GSU (N4AR), who always sent K4 -- pause -- GSU. Sent that way just sounded right. 

I've always had an urge to try to psych out software instead of letting it control me and -- surprise -- when I converted the first K-1-T-N log to Cabrillo it blew up the whole log! The conversion picked up my call sign as "K," and the rest was a platoon of data fields all marching out of step. I'm surprised the Robot's mind didn't go, Dave. I can't repeat what it sent back to me, this being a family reflector.

Jim Cain, 

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