[CQ-Contest] RE: SO2R with KENWOOD Radios +++

Ken Widelitz widelitz at gte.net
Sat Jan 22 20:42:11 EST 2005

There are DB9 and DB25 Y connectors available commercially. I have some of
the DB-9 versions. I just googled "db25 y connectors" and there were a
number of hits.

As to other hardware/software SO2R options, using Writelog with the W5XD
Multi-keyer SO2R box requires zero computer parallel ports and two computer
serial ports for full SO2R operation.

The W5XD box is unique in that it has 2 DB9 connectors (1 for serial in and
1 for serial out) and 2 DB25 connectors (both for parallel band data
output.) It uses a custom serial protocol on one serial computer port to
handle one of your radio's band data input (one of the DB9 connectors on the
box that goes to the IF-232/C-IV cable and one to the computer,) both
radio's band data output, send CW and switch the keyer, mic, phones and
footswitch. The box has 2 DB25 parallel connectors that go to the Top Ten
(or whoever's) band decoders and through them to the BPFs, stubs and antenna
selection device. A 2nd serial port is needed for the 2nd radio's
IF-232/CI-V. Of course, this box only works with Writelog.

To change from Kenwood to Icom transceivers, the only difference is using
C-IV interfaces (Icom, and inexpensive at about $22 for the interface in the
cable models) vs. IF-232 interfaces (Kenwood,) assuming you are using
Kenwood/Yaesu style band decoders.

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