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Barry w2up at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 22 15:26:23 EST 2005

In one of your other posts you mentioned a Y connector.  That's 
exactly how I accomplished it.  To the best of my knowledge, there is 
no such animal available commercially. So, I made my own.

What I did was buy a few RS232 A/B boxes.  IIRC, I bought them from 
cyberguys.com for about $5 each (this was several years ago).  I 
removed the A/B switch, and rewired the connectors in a Y 
configuration.  Besides being relatively neat wiring, in a nice 
enclosure, it was significantly cheaper buying the box complete, than 
buying individual RS232 connectors!  

Each radio's band data goes to a TTD Band Decoder.  Output from each 
decoder goes to a serial port on the computer and a Six Way antenna 
switching box via the modified A/B box.  In my case, the Six Way 
control lines are again split with another A/B box to control the 
Bandpass filters and stub switching (yup, stubs here, too).

If I had the forethought and motivation to draw coherent wiring 
diagrams of what I did (as I think back to seeing the volumes of 
documention of W2PV's station in the 70s), I'd send you a copy.  But, 
I didn't...

On 22 Jan 2005 Eric Hilding wrote:

> Barry, W2UP wrote:
> ===
> My setup is not exactly the same (FT1000/FT990, Top Ten Band Decoders
> and Six Ways, NQN bandpass filters, homebrew SO2R audio switching).
> However, I have one related suggestion: Connect your Band info
> decoders to the radios, not the computers. Why?  Suppose you want to
> do a little operating and the computer is not turned on.  Your
> antennas won't switch.  Let the radios supply the band info.  Don't
> require an extra loop where it's not needed. ===
> Tnx for the very interesting tip, Barry.  However, I have one related
> "question":
> How on earth (or otherwise) do I then get rig control from the Kenwood
> RS-232 to the computer logger?  I'm also thinking now I should have
> indicated I use TR on CW and WriteLog on SSB.
> Hmmm...maybe this will help:
> Dear Santa Claus:
> Do you make "early" deliveries?  I hope so, 'cuz I'd really like a
> whiz bang SO2R setup with 2 radios and ALL the necessary "stuff" all
> wrapped in to one lightweight enclosure about the size of a briefcase
> that weighs no more than 5 pounds.  This would make it very convenient
> for CONTEST-Pedition travel.  Any time within the next week would be
> fine.
> Tnx very much, Santa.
> 73...
> Rick, K6VVA
> P.S. BTW, do you like Chocolate chip cookies with those new colored
> M&M's, and whole milk or 2% (in case you're on a diet)?
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